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Adding Intake Service Files and ASIs

Adding an Intake Service File uses the same steps as adding the PCAP Service File for a new client.

See this video demonstration:

(If the video does not appear the first time, try “refreshing” the page).

Once you add the Intake Service File, adding the ASI is like adding any other document.

Adding the Intake Service File

1a. If the client is new and/or is not yet in Penelope, add the client by using the “Intake Wizard”.

intake wiz pcap id

1b. If the client is already in Penelope, but does not have an Intake Service File, locate the client and go to their Case page.

  • Method 1: Use the “search” button at the top of the page to find the client. Click on the client’s Case Name.

search page case name

  • Method 2: If you are the client’s Primary Worker, find the client’s name on your homepage under “My Case Load”. Click on the client’s Case Name.

my caseload case name

2. Use the “Add Service File” link to set up the Intake Service File.

case page add service file

  • For the Primary Worker, select your site’s PCAP Supervisor
  • Change the Start date to the day that the Intake ASI – Part A interview was done.

add intake service file

Adding ASIs

3. From the Intake Service File, you may add the Intake ASIs using the drop-down menu under the “Documents” heading.

BOTH Part A and B of the Intake ASI will go into this service file (as they become available).

intake service file


Service File

Click on the picture to see a bigger version.

Service File page

  • Click “edit” to change, add, or delete any information in the gray sections including the Service File start date(Note: It is important that this date accurately reflects the client’s PCAP start date for biannual alerts).
  • You may associate more workers with the service file by clicking “Add” in the “Workers” box (light blue). Here, you can also change the client’s Primary Worker.
  • Biannuals will be stored in the “Documents” box on the right-hand side of the page.
  • To view a client’s individual profile from the service file page, click on their name under the “Participants” list (dark blue box). Ex. “Jane Doe”
  • To view a case file from the service file page, click on the case file underneath the name of the case (in the gray section). Ex. “Doe Case”.

Add a new client (Create a case file + service file)

  1. First, perform a search to ensure that the client is not already in the system.
  2. If the client does not exist, you may add a client (and case file) from the search page by clicking “Intake Wiz”.

    "Intake Wiz" button on search page

  3. Alternatively, you may add a new client by clicking “Intake Wizard” from the home page under the “Links” tab.

    "Links" menu

  4. Go through the Intake Wizard: enter the client’s first and last name, any known “other information”, any known referral information, and case open date. Click “next” between pages.
  5. Click “finish” when all known information is completed. You will now see the Case profile page. Note: Information may be edited, added, or removed at a later date..

    case file blank

  6. You will now add a Service File. About halfway down the Case file page, you will see the words “Service File”. Click “Add Service File”, which is in small black letters to the far right of the “Service File” heading.
  7. Fill in the following Service File information: Service, Primary Worker, Start Date (you may enter an earlier date).

    add service file

  8. Click “save” when all the information is entered. The Service File page will load.
  9. You have now completed adding a new client. From here you can add a biannual or return to the home page to add another client. If you are a primary worker of the client that you have just added, you will notice that the client shows up under your “Case Load” on the home page.

Viewing closed service files

When a client has all biannuals entered (6-month to 36-month), their service file can be closed. This ensures their case file no longer shows up on their primary worker’s home page under “Case Load”.

Even though the service file is closed, the client’s biannuals may still be viewed.

1. Search for the client.

2. Go to the client’s case profile.

3. Look about halfway down the page at the “Service File” section. By default you will only see open service files. Click “All” to see closed service files.

service files default to "Open Only"

Click “All” to see open AND closed service files.

Closed files visible under service files.

When “All” is selected, closed service files are visible and are indicated by a red dot.

4. To view the closed service file and the documents in it, click on the name of the service file.

Information Storage

When a worker enters a new client into Penelope using the Intake Wizard, they create a CASE FILE for the client. The CASE FILE is identified by the client’s last name. Ex. Client is 123456, CASE FILE name is 456 Case. The CASE FILE acts like a folder that holds individual client information and service file information.


case file description

Adding a CASE FILE for a client also creates an INDIVIDUAL PROFILE for them. Numerous INDIVIDUAL PROFILES or “CASE MEMBERS” can be added to a CASE FILE if multiple members of the same family receive services from that agency. For our purposes, CASES will have only one (primary) CASE MEMBER – the PCAP woman.

Each CASE FILE should also have at least one SERVICE FILE. The SERVICE FILE stores information like about the particular service. We create SERVICE FILES for the Intake, PCAP (progress), and Exit of a client. These SERVICE FILES can be linked to a “Primary Worker” and will hold the documents pertaining to each of these stages.

case file

Case File Page with Service Files Added