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Intake process as of Feb 13, 2019

Changes to the PCAP Intake Process

The PCAP Council has recently moved to remove the ASI intake and exit forms from the regular intake process. The ASI will be replaced with the PCAP Intake Form accompanied by the 0-month biannual. We encourage programs who already have a completed intake ASI with a client to still complete and enter the ASI part B and Exit ASI as it is important to complete the data set for those who have put in the time to share their story.

The forms are available on the Forms & Documents page. In the coming months, we will ask for your feedback on this updated process. You may also send comments or questions to in the meantime.


Q: For which clients will this change come into effect?
A: Any incoming or newer clients that do not already have an Intake ASI Part A completed can instead be started on the Intake Form and 0-month biannual.

Q: What if a client already has an Intake ASI Part A completed?
A: Please complete the Intake ASI Part B when the target child is born and the Exit ASI when the client graduates. This will complete the data set for those who have dedicated time to share their story.

Q: Who completes the Intake Form?
A: An intake staff, mentor, or supervisor may complete the Intake Form. This will depend on your program’s workflow.

Q: Who completes the 0-month biannual?
A: The mentor completes the 0-month biannual within the first few visits.

Q: What’s the difference between the “0-month biannual to be used with Intake Form” and the regular 0-month biannual?
A: The Intake Form has several questions and sections that can be used to complete the 0-month biannual. The accompanying 0-month biannual removes questions already asked in the Intake Form. Together, the two documents can be used to complete the 0-month biannual on Penelope. A regular 0-month biannual document should be used if there is no Intake Form completed.

Q: What will happen to the ASI data already in Penelope?
A: This data will remain in Penelope to be used for research or reports.

Q: Will there be any further changes to the intake process?
A: The Data Oversight Committee and Alberta PCAP Council will continue to review data needs in Alberta. There may be some updates to the intake process in the future, including targeted use of a modified ASI or similar tool. Any updates will be clearly communicated with programs.


New Penelope Address (2017-05-29)

As of May 29, 2017, Penelope will have a new web address.  Nothing else will change, and you can still use your current login and password.  Athena Software, the company that makes Penelope, are making this change for accessibility and security reasons.  Please update your bookmarks/information sheets to reflect the new Penelope address:

Please note, you will likely need to unblock pop-ups the first time you visit the new address. For some information on how to do this on Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, or Google Chrome, visit this page: Troubleshooting: Unblocking pop-ups

[outdated] New Penelope Address (2016-05-18)

OUTDATED as of  May 29, 2017. The newest address is See news bulletin here: New Penelope Address (2017-05-29)

As of May 18, 2016, Penelope will have a new web address. This is because we have switched our hosting server from Inter-Tribal Health Authority (ITHA) to Athena Software.

All of your data remains the same within Penelope. The only changes you will need to make are:

1. Updating your bookmarks/information sheets to reflect the new Penelope address:

2. Changing your password the first time you log-in at the new address. Your new password will need to meet the following requirements:

  • The password must contain one uppercase letter
  • The password must contain one lowercase letter
  • The password must be a minimum of 12 characters in length

Please note, you will likely need to unblock pop-ups the first time you visit the new address. For some information on how to do this on Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, or Google Chrome, visit this page: Troubleshooting: Unblocking pop-ups

General Tips

This page will outline some general tips for entering data into Penelope. This page will be updated occasionally.


Question:  “Last Time Used” in Alcohol/Drugs Section

When asking this question in the interview, try to get as specific of an answer as possible. Use different prompts like: “Do you know what season it was?” “Was it around a special occasion or holiday?” “Was it later in the month or earlier in the month?” If you need to approximate a date, do the best you can with what you know. If using “dummy dates”, try not to use recognizable dates. (Ex. If the individual says they last used “sometime in January”, do not use “01/01/yyyy” as this could indicate New Years Day)

Know the…..

  • Month but not day: Use “15” as the day
  • Season but not month: Use a month within that season. Ex “02” for Winter, “05” for spring, “08” for summer, “10” for fall.
  • Year but not month or day: Use 06/15/yyyy

Adding Exit Documents

First, add an Exit service file

1. Open the client’s “Case” page

2. Click “Add Service File” (halfway down the page, right hand side)



3. When the “Add” box comes up, enter the following information:

  • Service: Exit
  • Group: (blank)
  • Primary Worker: Supervisor’sName
  • Estimated Sessions: (blank)
  • Start: Date that client completed/left program
  • End: (blank)

4. Click “save”

5. You will now see the Service File page. On the right hand side of the page, find the heading “Documents”. Click on the drop down bar labelled “Select Document”.

6. Select the document you would like to enter:

  • Exit ASI OR Missing Exit ASI
  • Advocate/Mentor-Client Relationship Inventory

8. Complete every page of the document until you have the option to select “finish” along the bottom.

Note: You may add an Exit ASI (OR a Missing Exit ASI) AND an Advocate/Mentor-Client Relationship Inventory to the same Exit Service File.

Un-enrollment from PCAP

A client may be un-enrolled for a number of reasons. There are two categories of un-enrollment: false enrolls and withdrawals. See Section Five of your Alberta PCAP Manual for more information.

In Penelope, you can indicate if a client is un-enrolled from the program using a form specific to Penelope called “Un-enrollment from PCAP”.

How to complete the “Un-enrollment from PCAP” form:

Video demo:

Step-by-step instructions:

1. Find the client’s PCAP service file page through “My Caseload” or by doing a search for the client and accessing their PCAP service file page.

Make sure the top corner says “PCAP”.

2. Find “Documents” on the menu on the right side of the PCAP service file page. Select “Un-enrollment from PCAP” from the drop-down menu.

3. Enter the document date and select the client’s name in “For Service Participant”. Click anywhere off of the text bar to load the rest of the document.

4. Answer the document questions.


  • Date of un-enrollment may be backdated.
  • Reasons for un-enrollment include false enrolls and other withdrawal reasons.
  • Select “Other” if you cannot find your client’s un-enrollment reason. Enter the reason in the text-box that appears beside the drop-down menu.
  • Date of last contact is an optional, but useful field if you know the date.
  • Provide more details in the “Comments” section.

5. Click “next” to the Signatures page.

6. Sign the appropriate signature lines using the following instructions. NOTE: Only the PCAP Supervisor should “sign” the second line. The PCAP supervisor must access the form from their account.

a. If you completing the form and are NOT the PCAP Supervisor, select the check-box by “Form completed by” and enter the date. Click “finish”. Inform your supervisor that they will need to “sign” the form (see 6c.)
b. If you are the PCAP Supervisor completing the form, select BOTH check-boxes to fill your name in both signature lines. Enter the dates.

c. If you are the PCAP Supervisor that needs to sign the form (that someone else has completed), use the following steps:

i. Find the client.

ii. Go to client’s Case page and/or click the PCAP service file.

iii. Under “Documents” (on the right-hand side of the page), click the blue link that reads “Un-enrollment from PCAP”.

iv. Click the “edit” button at the top of the page. A box should appear to edit the document.

v. Look through the information to ensure it is correct. Make changes as necessary. Click “next”.

vi. Find the signature line that says “PCAP Supervisor”. Click the check-box above it. Your name should appear on the signature line. Enter the date.

vii. If you are certain that all information is correct, select the box that says “Lock revision”. (If you select “Lock revision”, the document cannot be modified in the future).

viii. Click “finish”.

How to sign the “Un-enrollment from PCAP” form if you are a Supervisor:

FAQ-Anonymous Services

Q: Why can’t I add ASIs in the Anonymous Services?

There is a new method of adding ASIs. See here: How to add Intake Service Files and ASIs

If you are unable to add the Intake Service File, it may be because you do not have the proper permissions. Only Supervisors, Administrative Assistants, and some volunteers have access to the Intake Service File. If you require special permission to access the Intake Service Files and the ASIs, have your site supervisor contact me.